Transforming families, communities, and nations by providing innovative construction solutions.


A company accelerating development, progress, and prosperity beyond borders, creating value for our customers and genuine heart for our people through excellent products and services. 



We foster stronger relationships with our clients and become their partners of choice. We aim to be the most trusted business partner by our stakeholders as we continue to upgrade the way we operate, to become a dependable construction solution partner by being consistent with our product quality and services.


We integrate globally competitive systems and methods to reduce costs and increase productivity. We believe in the quality principle of continual self-improvement. We continue to develop new platforms for company and client interaction through digitalization.


We elevate and build on
each other’s strengths to collectively
achieve higher outcomes.
We are home to diverse talents and personalities that when
harnessed will produce an
exponential force that will
propel us to greater heights.


We raise the standards of the industry
by constantly improving the
quality of our goods
and services. We strive
to consistently deliver our promise
to our customers and stakeholders
with distinction and excellence.


Luzon: 0945-438-1236
Visayas: 0917-866-0163
Mindanao: 0919-008-2357

Main Office Address: 14F PMI Tower, Cabanillas Corner 273 Pablo Ocampo Sr. Ext. Makati City

Email Address: sales@concretestonecorp.com|cscmarketing@concretestonecorp.com